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Noozter is now availabe in app store and google play

Azure based load balancing distributed launcher (Saas) with front end on react

Run Microsoft Excel macros or any window processes on schedule basis on demand

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We have successfully developed a never failing task scheduler for the organization who run scheduled tasks or exe to perform operations over multiple systems. It shows you the live status of each machine's tasks in pods.


  • Automates scheduled running of jobs across a grid of machines.
  • Retry feature should a job fail for any reason.
  • Ability to detect environmental issues early in the process thus mitigating the risk of incomplete process.
  • Ability to detect job dependency tree and run jobs accordingly.
  • Removes excel file corruption issues normally encountered when used from shared network drive across the team.
  • Removes file lock issues.
  • Ability to detect and rectify jobs taking longer than expected and attempts to rectify this by passing job to a different pod.
  • Your files stay within your data center hence no risk of data leak.
  • Small footprint of executable that runs on your machine.
  • For excel, run it as a windows desktop app and uses the same credential of logged in user hence adhering with your company policy.
  • Server side only stores configuration hence no data ever leaves your systems.
  • Server side hosted on azure cloud which is a mix of micro services and front end website.
  • Ability to detect addins for excel.
  • Can execute excel macros and if macro returns true it assumes macro completed successfully. False will indicate a failure and job will be retried until the scheduled window permits.
  • Can launch executables and PowerShell scripts.
  • Can be installed as a service as well. This is not recommended where pod is supposed to run excel files.
  • Can set job affinity to pods.
  • Can set exclusion days to prevent job from running on particular days like weekends or bank holidays.
  • Provides historical trends and analysis on jobs.

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Multilingual CMS

The CMS solution is suitable for small to medium businesses, suitable for restaurants, bars, coffee places, hostels, hotels, clubs etc.
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Web Development (Angular 6+, reactJS, react native)

Experienced Angular, react, react native, restful api, .net C# development.

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