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Mobile Application iOS and Android + Website

Ideal for startups

No content, no problem!

If you need content from youtube or google based on the keywords of your choice we have the AI based script that would get your app content going on schedule of your choice.

This mobile application is great for any startup and ready to be used. This app could be of great use for organization who need the video/picture/geolocation proof of deliveries or work done to share with the customers

Ready for a demo on request.
This is a great and full mobile application (All-in-one) for any startup or any organization trying to adapt to the requirements below:

  • User profile setup
  • User profile picture upload - edit name and image features
  • User authentication using phone number (Uses sendgrid)
  • User notifications APNS feature integrated - This requires certificate (Not included in demo)
  • Anonymous user navigation across the app (restricted for making posts/like/report)
  • Image/Video capture and upload the content in 2 modes available.
  • Azure cloud blob
  • File system upload on any hosting service
  • Video captured by the phone is processed to be able to run on all devices without conflicts.
  • User's content location when posted (Optional - Could be disabled on post page by the user)
  • Users to know what's within certain radius
  • User comments on content posted
  • Like/report the content
  • Share the content of the app on other platforms
  • Statistics of the post performance

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Website Design and Development

Need a website? Programming Alternatives provides internet/intranet web design and development including database driven applications for every size business and budget. To see our free web design templates click here.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Want your site to appear prominently in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing? Every business needs SEO in order for your clients to find you on the web. Programming Alternatives employs a variety of techniques that work for every client.


Programming Alternatives provides programming services including troubleshooting of existing web application modules, enhancement of existing websites and adding new features.


Overloaded? More work than manpower? Programming Alternatives is your solution. We provide programming services using ASP .net, C#, VB .net, HTML5, CSS3, PSD to HTML, AJAX, Javascript, JQuery, MS-SQL, Python, Java, php and MySQL.


Programming Alternatives provides support to your existing web applications, data bases and servers including installation, back-up and restoration of databases, applications and websites.


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